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Hello, I'm Dany Khalife. A Software Engineer who loves to work on a wide range of projects, from Microelectronics to Web to Artificial Intelligence.

I focus a lot on self-learning, and learning from experience. I have learned and mastered many programming paradigms and best practices on my own.

I'm quatrilingual. I code in more than 10 languages.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
— Bill Gates
Dany Khalife
August 4
Vancouver, Canada
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Citation of excellence
2010 - 2015
I received Ecole Polytechnique's Citation of Excellence during all 5 years in which i was enrolled as a full time student, for being a straight A's student while keeping a very active student life.

Microsoft Scholarship
2014 - 2015
I received the Microsoft Scholarship for that school year for being a distinguished student who performs well at school and is passionate about technology.

Warner Bros. Games Scholarship
2012 - 2013
I was chosen as the candidate by excellence to receive this scholarship for my great academic profile and my genuine interest in the software industry.

Excellence & Involvment Scholarships
I was recognized as da Vinci Profile, International Profile, Action-Poly & CAFEL scholar for my numerous technical achievements and my academic excellence.


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Dany is a great web designer and a fantastic guy to work with. I highly recommend Dany to any type of web design work. If you need any web help or a new website, don't hesitate to contact him.
Michael Panunto
via LinkedIn
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Dany is a very important part of the team. with him, everything works wonderfully. he helps, advises his teammates. he knows how to motivate his team members and how he should manage his Team . in two words, Dany is a true leader
Ekrem Yilmaz Kamoun
via LinkedIn
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Dany is the most reliable, efficient and friendly student I have worked with (he was the VP-Webmaster at a school committee I directed). Ask him to do something, he will start immediately. A great problem-fixer programmer, with the best social skills !
Iris Leroux
via LinkedIn
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Dany has been a great Microsoft ambassador. He was always looking forward to help anyone who had any questions towards Microsoft. He organized many events in a really proper way and made great publicity. I personally had many interactions with Dany about Microsoft and he was always helpful and available. I would definitely recommend Dany for Microsoft's next session on-campus ambassador! - Maxime
Maxime Bousquet
via LinkedIn
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Dany est un très bon chargé de lab. Il maitrise bien sa matière et sait comment transmettre ses idées aux étudiants peu importe leur niveau d'experience. Il est sans aucun doute apte à être un chargé de laboratoire, voir même d'enseignement!
Dylan Farvacque
via LinkedIn
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Events organized were awesome and the answers to questions relate to hiring process were clear and helpfull! Dany is surely a great ambassador!
Yonni Chen
via LinkedIn
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Skilled, great partner, fun to work with, Dany has a great knowledge in programming. Sincerely honored to work with you.
Alexandre Labreche
via LinkedIn
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Dany est un très bon chargé de laboratoire ! Il est compétent et aidant.
Mathieu Laprise
via LinkedIn
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Dany has demostrated a great working knowledge of his field, completed all the tasks assigned to him in a proper and timely fashion, and has surpassed all our expectations.
Marc Bisceglia
via LinkedIn
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Dany is very dedicated to his client. His skill for programming are beyond expectations. He delivers is project in time and is available when needed. A very ressourceful person to have around you and in your organisation. I recommend Dany to anyone.
Nicolas Belisle
via LinkedIn
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Dany is one of the most motivated and organized person I have had the chance to meet. He organized MANY big evenement by his own gathering over 100 people everytime! And EVERYTIME the event has run so smoothly. Never a single problem.
Samuel Lavoie-Marchildon
via LinkedIn
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Dany Khalife helped by promoting Microsoft events and connecting with us applicants. He took the time to help me understand how the Seattle interviews would proceed and this made me feel a lot more confortable with the process. I fully recommend him for a new mandate as Microsoft ambassador
David Gourde
via LinkedIn
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I had the opportunity to work w/ Dany in the Microsoft team @ Polytechnique. Dany is a serious yet fun and creative person to work with, I would work with him again without hesitation.
Maxime Perusse
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School & Education

General Sciences
Ecole des frères - Mont la Salle

  • Top student in most classes
  • Graduated with honors

2010 - 2015
Software Engineering
Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

  • Straight A student
  • Highly involved in student life
  • Received several scholarships
  • Graduated with excellence (96% GPA)

2012 - 2015
Lab teacher
Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

  • Took two courses in charge
  • Wrote, explained & corrected assignments
  • Tutored students outside of school hours

2015 - 2016
Microsoft Ambassador
Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

  • Promoted Microsoft on campus
  • Organized a ton of student-oriented events
  • Constructed a solid bridge between MS recruiting and Poly

Career Highlights

2012 - present
Web developer

  • Worked with small & medium businesses
  • Gave professional insights on projects

Software Engineer Intern
CAE Inc.

  • Finished assigned project in less than 2 weeks
  • Worked on maintaining company intranet websites
  • Gave advice about deployment strategies

2014, 2015
Software Engineer Intern

  • Worked on end to end testing
  • Wrote automation to improve testing coverage
  • Designed, implemented and tested new features
  • Constantly suggested improvement ideas

2016 - 2018
Software Engineer

  • Working on the Windows apps for OneNote
  • Currently focused on UX and accessibilty

2018 - present
Software Engineer 2

  • Working on amazing next-gen features
  • Contributed to modernizing the shared codebase
  • Helped put together several service driven features
  • Mentored an intern and a few junior colleagues

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Dany Khalife
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, Canada

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